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The Cher Show


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Marade's tribute to Cher was a natural progression in her musical career and she has now been doing the tribute for the last twelve  years in theatres, hotels, clubs, corporate venues and also our armed forces in Germany and Cyprus.

"When paying tribute to Cher,the costume has to be one of the most striking features and this Marade certainly had the kind of outfit which even drag queens might gasp"


Cher is not exactly a shrinking violet and clearly neither is Marade as Cher, whose choice of costume was worth catching this showcase on its own and had the desired effect in that it set the scene, as did her voice. Cher is not the easiest tribute to carry off but this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser"


The Stage

The Stage

I’ve always found that audiences want different things form their tribute artists. Some go for the looks; others are listening out for the vocal impression, and then there are those that won’t credit you unless your act is a complete carbon copy of the original. What you get from Marade is a true tribute to Cher. Her faithful  interpretation of the Cher sound is as close as you will get without booking the real thing. Marade’s vocal

range and ability is nothing short of stunning and I witnessed an audience truly captivated by this powerhouse vocalist.

If you are an agent or promoter you should be aware that Marade doesn’t just put on an act. She is a fully self contained show. Authentic costumes, cheeky humour, and plenty of audience participation, Marade

possesses a true sense of theatre, the likes of which you rarely experience with a solo tribute act.

Marade is spontaneous, topical and engaging. The comic timing of her patter captures the true spirit of Cher, which if you are fan you will know means confident, edgy and at times risqué but always knowing exactly

where to draw the line. The costume changes and choreography are slick and high energy. You simply cannot take your eyes off this breathtaking performance.

This is a girl who has done her homework. Marade is one of those people that make you happy to be part of this industry. She is an example to anyone in the entertainment sector of how to do business. Friendly, professional, and extremely talented.


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