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The Cher Show


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If you are a Cher fan then this is a show not to be missed.

When Marade walks into your venue you will not 'Believe' she is a tribute to the one and only Cher as Marade looks nothing like Cher until she goes into the dressing room where the transformation takes place, once on stage the Costumes, Voice and Humour are the closest you will get to booking the real thing.




Marade started singing professionally when she was 13 years old and everywhere she worked she was told she sounded like Cher, in 2001 she plucked up the courage to wear the costumes which you have to wear to do a true tribute to Cher and since then she has never looked back.

Marade travels with her partner who is her sound and lighting engineer in a 6 and a half ton tour bus which is half gear and half  live in so she can play anywhere in the Uk and Europe. Since 2001 Marade has worked  in Holland, Germany, Cypris, Zambia, Dubia, Portugal and all over the Uk in Theatres, Casino's, Clubs, Restaurants, Pubs Marquee's in fact anywhere and everywhere the list goes on.


Book this act with confidence for a full night of pure entertainment.




All Or Nothing - Cher By Marade

International Cher Tribute

Seeing is 'Believing'